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Here are some recommended weather websites, where you will find a wealth of information and further links. if you know of any good sites that have a weather theme and would like to see them here, or if any of the links are broken, please e-mail.

Bren's site for all things weather-related. Photos, videos, case studies, links, the lot!
The American Meteorological Society's online glossary. Some terms are more appropriate to the US, but nevertheless it's an invaluable resource.
The Austrian national weather service has created an excellent resource for both meteorology students and forecasters in need of a memory refresh: Manual of Synoptic Satellite Meteorology. Highly recommended!
zamg.ac.at (in Austrian)
The TORnado and storm Research Organisation, packed full with all you need to know about tornadoes and other severe weather phenomena that occur in this country.
For over 30 years The International Journal of Meteorology has been an established, popular, refereed International periodical for disseminating research and information on weather and climate. It specialises in weather extremes and atmospheric phenomena. In my spare time I'm an Editorial Assistant... e-mail laura@ijmet.org!
The Met Department's website has data and links and information about degrees, if you fancy doing one!
Hosts a popular forum for weather enthusiasts.
Based in Chester and maintained by Rob Bale, for satellite images, current conditions and a webcam view over the city.